There’s not too many things that a pet owner dislikes more than having to deal with pet odor.  Whether you have one pet living in your house or multiple pets, pet odor is something that every pet owner has to deal with.  Here are 5 simple, effective ways to help eliminate pet odor in your home.

Spray Fabric Refresher

A lot of times our first reaction to eliminating pet odor is to simply spray a regular air freshener.  All that does is simply mask the odor for a short period of time.  That is why when you spray a regular air freshener the good smell quickly goes away and the odor returns.

Next time try spraying a fabric refresher.  A high quality fabric refresher will neutralize bad odor molecules and help eliminate the pet odor instead of just masking it.  You can lightly spray the fabric refresher on furniture pets are on as well as just lightly spraying it in the air like you would an air freshener.  Another good thing about fabric refreshers is they don’t have a strong, chemical type scent that an air freshener does, but instead a light, pleasant smell.

Make sure to use a high quality fabric refresher as many off brand fabric refreshers won’t quite do the trick.  In fact, Febreze makes a fabric refresher specifically for eliminating pet odor.

Burn A Candle

Burning a candle in your home is another great way to help eliminate pet odor.  Candles will also work to neutralize bad odor molecules as opposed to just masking them.  The great thing about candles is they are fighting the odor for a long period of time.  Candles will not just help eliminate the pet odor, but leave a lasting pleasant smell.  Just like with fabric refresher, there are also special candles out there that are made specifically to eliminate pet odor.  Just be sure to keep candles in safe places away from pets and use standard precautions.

Keep Your Pets Smelling Good

One of the simplest ways to help fight pet odor in your home is to make sure that you are keeping your pets smelling good.  Sure, pets will always have a natural odor, but properly bathing your pet will help to minimize that odor.  There are also safe pet sprays out there that you can spray on your pets to help minimize pet odor.  Just be sure to do everything in moderation, you don’t want to go overboard and risk a potential health complication for your pet.

Keep Carpets Clean

If you have carpet and have indoor pets, you are definitely going to want to regularly clean your carpet.  Just think about much pet odor is stored in your carpet?  There are some light solutions such as Arm & Hammer’s Pet Fresh Carpet Odor Eliminator that you can spread on your carpet, but I would recommend shampooing carpet or using a pet carpet specific cleaner, such as the Deep Clean Professional Pet Carpet Cleaner from Bissell.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised how much of a difference keeping your carpets clean will make.

Use Professional Strength Pet Odor Eliminators

If you have multiple indoor pets you may find that while the other suggestions certainly help, you still need something with some more strength to help eliminate pet odor in your home.  Fortunately there are many professional strength pet odor eliminating sprays on the market.  For a list of what all is out there, click HERE to visit our odor eliminators page that has several inexpensive but highly effective products to choose from.

Be sure to give these suggestions a try.  I think you will find that eliminating pet odor from your home isn’t really all that challenging, time consuming, or expensive.