Felines are notoriously understood for their bad reputation, especially on the Internet, where you can find many YouTube videos on feline fails and cat-mania. Reveals like Animal World’s My Cat from Hell just tarnishes their credibility further.

The Web’s celebrity cats include Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow, and Keyboard Feline.

Bad-tempered Feline, Colonel Meow, and Keyboard Feline (order from left to right).

As you can see from the pictures above, they don’t seem so delighted and friendly.

That being said, feline professionals say there are many methods cats reveal their love to their owners. Have a look at these leading 12 indications!


A mild push with any part of their body suggests that your feline is leaving their signature scent on you. Odor is a huge offer for felines, so when they mark you it generally means you’re part of what they think about to be household.

Reddit Nibbling or Licking

You understand it’s true love when it doesn’t injured. Cats reveal affection through grooming, so when they lick or munch your fingers or toes it implies you’re somebody worth taking care of.

Mom Nature Network Blinking When a cat blinks gradually, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re tired. Some people state felines “kiss” with their eyes. So if your cat is looking at you and blinking slowly, it’s as if your cat is blowing you a kiss from afar.

Stalking In the cat world, stalking isn’t as weird. If your cat cannot stop following you it’s because they can’t get enough of you. They enjoy your company and desire your loving affection.

The Mary Sue Sleeping If your feline is constantly sleeping, don’t seem like she or he is disregarding you. Felines do not oversleep vulnerable environments. They choose safe and comfortable places that make them seem like house. If your cat chooses your lap to sleep, even better.

Attack of the Cute Playing is a sign of friendship and adoration. The more physical exercise your feline has, the much healthier your cat feels, which implies he or she will feel less bad-tempered.

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