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Is A Raw Pet Food Diet Right For Your Dog?

Is A Raw Pet Food Diet Right For Your Dog? An increasing number of pet owners have realized just how healthy and tasty a diet of raw pet food can be for their do. However, many people remain skeptical about feeding their pet raw meats, fruits, bones and vegetables, and after many years of buying and feeding packaged and processed pet foods, it is easy to understand why. We wanted to get the opinions of some experts on the advantages and disadvantages of this type of diet.   Where did the concept of a raw pet food diet originate?...

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5 Effective Ways to Eliminate Pet Odor

There’s not too many things that a pet owner dislikes more than having to deal with pet odor.  Whether you have one pet living in your house or multiple pets, pet odor is something that every pet owner has to deal with.  Here are 5 simple, effective ways to help eliminate pet odor in your home. Spray Fabric Refresher A lot of times our first reaction to eliminating pet odor is to simply spray a regular air freshener.  All that does is simply mask the odor for a short period of time.  That is why when you spray a...

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How Robotics Can Help Keep Your Home Clean From Pet Hair

We all love our pets, but it’s safe to say that every pet owner get’s tired of fighting the pet hair battle.  Trying to keep your home free from excessive pet hair is literally an every day battle.  When you’ve just worked all day and already have an evening task list a mile long, who really has the time to vacuum daily to fight the pet hair battle? Fortunately, if you are tired of vacuuming daily to pick up pet hair, there is a solution.  As the use of robotics has continued to evolve, there are now robotic vacuum...

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The Functions Of Remote Control Shock Collar

The Functions of Remote Control Shock Collar Shock collar for a dog was invented long time ago. However, the former shock collar is not that sophisticated compared to today’s shock collar because the latest one is equipped with a remote control shock collar and GPS functionality. Shock collars for dogs are available in the market, but not all of the people are aware of the use. Most of the people do not care about a shock collar when they want to train their dog. In fact, shock collar offers some advantages, especially for the training purposes? What is actually...

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The Importance Of Proper Hunting Dog Training

In the UK today, there are forms of hunting that are legal and others which are illegal. One of the more popular legal hunting sports is bird hunting for both the handlers and the dogs involved. And when it comes to the dogs involved, proper hunting dog training is such an important part of the equation. It can be and often is very time consuming and arduous, but the final results are so rewarding. You should understand from the start, however, that to achieve the proper results you are seeking, you will need to invest a substantial amount of...

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