[SPOILERS for those not captured up on Supergirl ahead.]

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trailer for the next episode of has shown up. It has been one crazy season for Kara Danvers and her buddies. New loves, new enemies, new pals, and brand-new tasks have actually triggered quite a bit of mayhem in all of their lives. Now with only 2 episodes left in the season, all that is going to come together for the season 2 finale.And one heck

of an ending has been established. At the end of the previous episode, ‘ City of Lost Children’, Rhea had successfully performed her strategy. She utilized the development that she had tricked Lena Luthor into creating with her in order to bring numerous Daxamite ships to Earth. As they got here, Rhea triumphantly declared that Earth was now the new Daxam. Apparently, her plan was not a lot to take vengeance in the world for her son choosing to remain, however to take over the Earth and bring Daxam to Mon-El, instead.The CW has actually launched the trailer for ‘ Withstand’, the second to last episodeof the season. It looks like Supergirl will require all the assistance she can get to reclaim the world. Fortunately, a few familiar faces appear to assist save the day, including her old boss Cat Grant.< source media =" (min-width: 0px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 1.25), (min-width: px) and (min-resolution: 120dpi)"sizes= 380px srcset ="http://screenrant3.imgix.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/cat-grant-returning-to-supergirl-season-2-finale.jpg?auto=format&cs=tinysrgb&q=20&w=380&h=190&fit=crop&dpr=1.5 570w" >< img title ="cat grant returning to supergirl season 2 ending Supergirl Resist Trailer: Cat Grant Signs Up With the Battle" alt ="cat grant going back to supergirl season 2 finale Supergirl Resist Trailer: Cat Grant Signs Up With the Battle"> The trailer opens with another familiar face from the past. Lillian Luthor– the leader of Cadmus, who seemed to be the season’s huge bad for most of the year, prior to Rhea appeared. Naturally, no one has to do with the trust her initially, however throughout the trailer it appears as though she and her fans– consisting of Cyborg Superman, who is seen for a brief minute– are coordinating with Supergirl and her pals. After all, this sort of alien intrusion is the precise sort of thing Lillian and the rest of Cadmus have actually been scared of. Another moment in the trailer shows NEXT: Supergirl ‘Persists’ As a Political Superhero TELEVISION Show

Supergirl continues with ‘Resist’ at 8 pm on The CW, Monday May 15.

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