A family pet cat was shot with an air rifle and X-rays later on revealed the pellet had struck her spine.Ollie was identified

in Portishead at the end of October hopping around an area, and images of her increased on social media.It was initially thought she might have been hit by

a cars and truck since he was limping badly and could barely move.A week later on, she was discovered by personnel at the Family pets in the house store

in Portishead, hardly able to move.Staff members rushed her to the Vale Vets Animal Health Center, where an x-tray revealed she had been shot and the pellet had actually struck her spine.It was dropped in the spine and directly prevented severing Ollie’s spinal cord.

Katie Bull, practice manager at Vale Vets, stated:”She remained in rather a great deal of pain for a variety of days by the time she can be found in.”We think she was shot about a week prior to we saw

her.Read More” It’s madness, I have no idea why anybody would do something like that. We have had a number of events in Portishead.

“She’s a beautiful cat. We got the pellet out, but needed to be quite mindful to take it out entire and not

leave any little bits in her.”It was very near to the spinal column. We didn’t wish to do any more damage and needed to be cautious.

“The vets found a microchip in Ollie, but her owner’s information were not updated.

They published a photo of her on their Facebook page, wanting to track the owners down, and the post was shared by more than 400 people.After leaving

a note at the old address, her owner lastly stepped forward. She had not been on Facebook and did not see the appeal on social media.Read More”She was thrilled to have Ollie back

. The cat had actually been missing out on for more than 10 months and they had actually offered up hope they were going to see Ollie once again.” They were not on Facebook, so didn’t see it, and it was a

bit of a shock Ollie had actually been discovered.< figure data-mod= image itemprop=image itemscope=itemscope itemtype=http://schema.org/ImageObject >“She has now been released and is at house on the road to healing. It’s been beautiful to see the reaction to the story and actually demonstrated how the neighborhood came together.Read More” We do not know what leads people to shoot felines. It’s disgusting to do so. “