understand is these cats are hearty as hell: they’re exceptional diggers, who feast mainly on rodents, birds, and reptiles.Don’t let their small size fool you, either: inning accordance with Smithsonian, sand felines can endure in regions where the surface area temperature reaches 124 degrees Fahrenheit (51 degrees C.)

“Finding sand cats (Felis margarita) in their natural range (northern Africa, across the Middle East, and southwest and central Asia) is tough,” Gr├ęgory Breton, handling director at Panthera France, explained in a article.”They hardly leave any noticeable pugmarks, they do not leave behind remains of their, and their vocalizations are quiet. They move stealthily at sunset, night, and dawn, they’re good at hiding, and their fur offers perfect camouflage when they desire to vanish from observers and hazards.”

There’s a lot left for us to learn more about these strange kitties. For now, let these real-life Neopets furrow their way into their heart– hopefully not too deep. They’re great diggers, and that might be dangerous.Photos via Panthera