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Photobombs New Report of Cougar SightingEmail


scottmadaus You’re seeing the news and a story captures your attention. Cougar sightings in Mississippi. Sounds intriguing and possibly you’ll be lucky enough to see one on television too! Some action, who understands! But, then something much better happens … a really unamused home feline makes his grand launching. Fox13’s Scott Madaus was teasing a live report from a field in Hernando, Mississippi where someone claims they spotted a cougar one day previously.

Madaus report was “I’m Scott Madaus, reside in Hernando, Mississippi where there have been spottings of a cougar,” the male said into the electronic camera. “Which’s not it, that looks like a home feline,” he continued as the shot panned to an extremely regular feline, and remained on it for the remainder of the recording.

We are simply delighted that this News Press reporter knew the distinction between a cougar and a very big home feline …