GUELPH, Ont.– A woman in California says her feline, that went missing out on four years back, has been found in Ontario.Ashley Aleman from Watsonville, Calif., states her mother got a call from a southern Ontario animal shelter 2 weeks ago, alerting them that BooBoo, their brown Tabby, was alive and well.The 21-year-old states staff at the humane society in Guelph, Ont., did a routine microchip scan when BooBoo was brought into the shelter earlier this month and discovered the feline had actually been missing from Northern California considering that 2013. Aleman says BooBoo was an outdoor feline and it wasn’t unusual for her to be wandering around outdoors for about a day. When the cat did not come back home after two days, Aleman said her family understood the animal had gone missing.Aleman says somebody from the Guelph Humane Society is anticipated to drive the cat to Buffalo, N.Y., to hand

the animal over to her mother.When BooBoo gets house, Aleman states,”she’ll absolutely be an indoor cat this time.”