How can I stop a feline biting problem?

If you’re having concerns with a new cat biting, the very first thing you can do is offer it some space. Felines are really territorial animals, and up until they’re comfortable with their environment, they can be aggressive. After some time has passed, attempt to learn more about your cat. If problems persist, contact a veterinarian.

One efficient method is to keep water nearby and lighty spray it on the cat and tell it no in a firm voice, or say ouch in a loud high pitched voice when they do it.

Felines will bite in some cases when touched in sensitive locations such as around the hairs. Discover when your feline is biting to see if there is a medical issue or injury. Other felines bite playfully and a simple squirt of water will end this routine. A feline might also need toys to curb dullness.

It is a disease and easily pass from one cat to other cats. The only method is vaccination. For this, the feline ought to be kept in a comfy place and appropriate vaccination is needed at least as soon as in a year to prevent prior to such types of diseases affect the cat.

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