We all love our pets, but it’s safe to say that every pet owner get’s tired of fighting the pet hair battle.  Trying to keep your home free from excessive pet hair is literally an every day battle.  When you’ve just worked all day and already have an evening task list a mile long, who really has the time to vacuum daily to fight the pet hair battle?

Fortunately, if you are tired of vacuuming daily to pick up pet hair, there is a solution.  As the use of robotics has continued to evolve, there are now robotic vacuum cleaners.  These robotic vacuum cleaners are made to automatically vacuum your home.

How do they work?

Just like your conventional vacuums, robotic vacuums pick up dirt, pet hair, etc.  They have sensors on them to navigate through your home, detecting dirt and obstacles that are in it’s way. They operate off of a rechargeable battery.  Once charged, you literally can sit the robotic vacuum down and it will begin automatically vacuuming your home!

Too good to be true?

Ok, so we know what you may be thinking now, there is no way this can actually work that well.  Most people that may be skeptical about how robotic vacuums work are pleasantly surprised at how well they do work.  I encourage you to read the reviews for yourself.  (You can read reviews of the best pet robotic vacuums on the market on our website by clicking HERE).

Supplement to conventional vacuum

Most robotic vacuum manufacturers will tell you that they are intended to be a supplement to a conventional vacuum.  You should never plan on replacing your conventional vacuum with a robotic vacuum, but they will help you keep your home more clean in between conventional vacuums and allow you to have more time in between conventional vacuums.

Can a robotic vacuum really help me?

A robotic vacuum can significantly help you in being able to stay on top of the pet hair battle.  It will clean your floors for you, removing pet hair and giving you time to be able to do lots more important things than vacuuming.  A robotic vacuum will keep your home in great shape between conventional vacuums.

Are there some drawbacks to a robotic vacuum?  Yes.  Sometimes they will have a hard time going over a thick rug (they work best on hardwood floors and short carpet).  If you have a lot of clutter, it is a lot more difficult for the robotic vacuum to navigate through your home.  It can take up to 30 minutes to clean a room and yes, sometimes it will miss small spots.

Overall, I think you will find that a robotic vacuum will save you a lot of time and do a great job in helping you keep your home clean.  Below are some of the best pet robotic vacuums on the market.  You can also click HERE to view a complete list of robotic vacuums with full product features and reviews.