SINGAPORE: A 67-year-old male was on Tuesday (Sep 26) sentenced to 7 years’ preventive detention for killing his neighbour’s feline with a sculpting knife because it had actually annoyed him.Tan Pwee

Sin has invested time in and out of jail. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1996 for culpable murder, but was released in 2010 after 14 years behind bars.

On Jan 30, 2017, he eliminated again. He slashed his neighbour’& rsquo; s Russian Blue cat, called Vamp, when he saw it mating with among his own felines outside his flat at Block 1 Spooner Road.Tan swung a carving knife at Vamp, slashing its abdominal area and exposing its intestines. The cat was discovered hurt by a neighbour who called the police. It died the next afternoon.Tan and Vamp & rsquo;

s owner, Mr Muhammad Bakhtiyar Jaffar, had clashed several times previously over the cat.Mr Bakhtiyar did

not like that Tan sometimes fed Vamp, due to the fact that the cat would be too full to consume the food Mr Bakhtiyar bought.Tan had also challenged Mr Bakhtiyar to a fight, boasting that he had been to prison prior to for stabbing somebody to death.Besides the charge for animal ruthlessness for killing Vamp, Tan likewise pleaded guilty

to one count of criminal intimidation and one count of getting taken residential or commercial property. Tan Pwee Sin (Image: SPF) About a month and a half after he had actually eliminated Vamp, Tan threatened Mr Bakhtiyar’& rsquo; s 11-year-old nephew, telling him: “& ldquo; I will cut your neck and throw you downstairs.”

& rdquo; This happened after the young boy identified Tan playing with another one of Mr Bakhtiyar’& rsquo; s feline and asked Tan to offer it back.

The threat was not lost on the kid, Deputy Public Prosecutor Yang Ziliang had actually said, “& ldquo; with the death of Vamp & hellip; still fresh in his mind”&

rdquo;. According to a psychiatric report, Tan has anti-social characteristic, “& ldquo; characterised by a pervasive pattern of neglect and violation of the rights of others & hellip; impulsivity and aggression, and careless disregard for the security of others”&

rdquo;. Psychiatrists had mentioned that Tan’s “& ldquo; threshold for anger” & rdquo; is low, and & ldquo; he is most likely to express his anger and effort to gain back control by turning to weapons”&

rdquo;. The preventive detention he was sentenced to on Tuesday is targeted at repeat transgressors who are considered a threat to society because they are beyond rehabilitation.As for the charge of getting stolen home, it was for an unassociated incident involving S$ 6,950 from confidential sources, connected to an authorities impersonation scam.