Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS Nutritional Periodontist
February 19, 2018

Meet Cricket. She is my adopted 2-year-old Ragdoll cat, who is a fluff ball. She eats Paleo, too! Similar to me, sort of. (I specify Paleo to be equivalent to Ancestral.)

By now, you should know that I eat a nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory diet. My healthy lifestyle started at the age of 66. I will be 71 in April of this year. I feel much healthier today than ever. frozen & raw foods for felines andfound Stella & Chewy and Rad Feline. Stella & Chewy has to do with 98%muscle, organ meats , and bone; Rad Cat is about 96%muscle and organ meats. Other nutrients needed for the cat’s health make up the remaining active ingredients. Both companies state their items are cage-free or pasture-raised. If I had the time, I might prepare Paleo meals for Cricket. However, because there is Stella & Chewy and Rad Feline(to name a few), I am satisfied with these ancestral raw-food options that are hassle-free for me and healthy for Cricket. As far as Cricket’s in worried, she definitely likes all three choices from Stella & Chewy– rabbit, duck, and chicken.Transitioning to Paleo Your cat needs healthy animal protein, he or she may just be used to eating commercially-prepared cat foods. When it comes down to feeding your cat ancestral raw foods, there will be a & shift process to get your feline accustomed to these much healthier choices. You may have to introduce a little raw

food together with the normal food your feline has been eating. Slowly increase the Paleo food and decrease the business food up until your feline is completely eating healthy. Your precious feline might show the much healthier diet plan with increased energy, gorgeous coat, a healthy mouth, and less veterinary visits because of less sickness.We were fortunate. After we adopted Cricket as an adult Ragdoll, it took just a week to shift her from a diet plan of kibbles and industrial canned food to a diet plan of raw Stella & Chewy foods. We also found a holistic canine and cat market called All is Well. Christi Gephart is one of the owners of All is Well and is a signed up dietician. She comprehends nutrition from an ancestral perspective. One “pearl”Christi told me was to feed Cricket ultimately just when & a day, which is the way felines hunt and eat in the wild. The business’s website is a great resource of helpful details, which you won’t discover on lots of common animal sites.Our next step for Cricket is to present her to an occasional reward of a pastured, raw chicken wing. Our local Farmers’Market has suppliers that can supply them. My better half and I like them experienced and baked in an oven at 400 F for 40 minutes. Cricket will get one that is raw– powerful for her teeth and jaw!If you do not desire to miss out on out on brand-new posts, sign up

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