You’re preparing to travel this summer season, and your little furry friend can’t feature you, for whatever factor? Don’t misery, there are various methods you can handle this issue.Whether you opt to leave your cat alone, find a cat-sitter or decide to take your feline mate to a boarding house, it depends on you. Nobody understands your pet like you do, and only you can make a decision how your cat will spend the time while you’re not around. We’ve collected some truths and ideas about cat’s staycation options, so you may have a clearer photo what to do when you see it. So, let’s dive in. Leaving your cat house alone Cats are way more independent than pet dogs, as well as though they need some

care, you can quickly leave them in your home for prolonged period. Obviously, you need to make sure there is adequate water and food, however generally– this is one of the best choices for a feline staycation. Cats enjoy their area and leaving them in the familiar surrounding virtually guarantees they won’t face many behavioral problems.In order to make sure whatever is set for your cat’s staycation here’s what to remember: Buy a couple of extra non reusable litter boxes, especially if you have more than one feline. When leaving your furry buddy for longer durations, litter is the biggest problem. That’s why extra boxes may can be found in handy.Get or build a Catio. Catio or cat-patio is a terrific accessory for those home cats that like the outdoors, however do n’t like anything else about it. Having an enjoyable and well-placed catio, particularly if it’s accessible from your house is an incredible solution. You know that your feline can get enough air and it won’t get bored, while it’s completely safe the whole time. If you are based in the UK your best choice for a Catio or parts for a Catio is ProtectaPet. Ensure you do not have any problems with ants or other insects, as it can cause a Read the complete initial post here authored by Marc-Andre Runcie-Unger. You can visit her blog here.