In the UK today, there are forms of hunting that are legal and others which are illegal. One of the more popular legal hunting sports is bird hunting for both the handlers and the dogs involved. And when it comes to the dogs involved, proper hunting dog training is such an important part of the equation. It can be and often is very time consuming and arduous, but the final results are so rewarding.

You should understand from the start, however, that to achieve the proper results you are seeking, you will need to invest a substantial amount of time and effort. When getting your dog ready to hunt, there are three critical commands they must learn. Those commands are “heel”, “come” and “whoa”. Of these three, handlers believe the most important to be “whoa” because when you are hunting birds and you reach a situation when you want the dog to stop completely what it is they are doing, instantly obeying this command is vital.

In truth, properly obeying this command can and will also be so important to the dog if they find themselves in any sort of dangerous situation that may confuse and upset them. Because it is truly a specific training field, hunting dog training is best done by professional hunters. Because of the information and knowledge they possess, they have the ability to maximize the hunting potential of the dog.

Many people do not really understand just how much hunters adore their dogs and in fact often treat them as they would their own children! Getting back to the commands to be learned, hunters truly believe that the hardest part of the process is completed when the dog grasps the “whoa”.When you want to offer your congratulations for a great day of hard work on their part, you can get them to stand perfectly still while you approach them. And then as you praise your special friend in a soothing and calm voice, they will truly feel your pride in their efforts and understand that they did so well for you.

These feelings are just going to make your friend want to keep doing better and better each time they go hunting with you! The great news here is that the basic commands of “heel”, “come” and “whoa” are really all that is required to get the job done and have the ideal hunting dog you have always wanted. And experts have informed us that in the case where the dog is less than a year old, one half hour a day of training three days a week will get the job done. When the dog is over a year old, that should be increased to one hour per day, three days a week.

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