A group of wild turkeys surrounding the dead cat.
(Picture: Globe Feed/YouTube screenshot)

A group of wild turkeys was spotted marching in an ideal circle a dead feline last March 2, 2017. It was seen and recorded by a homeowner of Massachusetts, who was amazed to see something like this.Jonathan Davis

of Randolph, Massachusetts, stated that he got three dogs and 4 aquarium at house taking pleasure in nature and wildlife. He even more said that it is not every day one sees something like that.Of course, the turkeys are not pagan, yet the majority of the individuals who have seen the video on Twitter said that the event resembled a ritual. Davis tweeted that those turkeys are attempting to give the dead cat its 10th life. The video had gotten 38,000 retweets in less than 24 hours.So, why did these turkeys surround the dead cat? According to Tom Hughes, a wildlife biologist from the National Wild Turkey Federation, the response of the turkeys to the dead cat is some sort of a mix of interest and fear.

“My guess is they are puzzled by the weird behavior of the dead or dying feline,” Hughes stated. He even more said that the turkeys wished to get a better look, without getting too close. Hence, a circle of turkeys, mostly females, is eyeing the possible predator’s carcass, but none of them wishing to get any closer, as kept in mind by science news.